Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our Life So Far!

Darin and I met in February of 2007. We got engaged on November 8th 2007. We got married on December 7th 2007 at the Graceland wedding chapel in Las Vegas. We moved into our first house on base on February 15th 2008. Darin left for Balad, Iraq on August 28th 2008 and returned home on January 7th 2009. It was very hard when he deployed we missed each other so much. He missed our first wedding anniversary and my 21st birthday and of course all the holidays. I cried like a baby the day he left and every day for weeks after that. When he got home I cried again. We both changed while he was deployed but in my opinion him being away brought us even closer when he came home. I now cherish every moment I spend with him. Darin is my life he means the world to me. Darin deployed again in May of 2009, he was in Kuwait for a month. It was not as hard that time, it was alot shorter and we talked more often. We will be leaving Las Vegas on November 23rd to move to Minot AFB in North Dakota.

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