Friday, February 5, 2010

Three Years

Last night Darin and I were sitting in bed, it was such a peaceful moment. February 18th is our anniversary. We have been together for three years. Three years ago Darin and I started talking. We met on myspace February 13th 2007. He met me on the 16th at my job so we could hang out. When he left that night I remember thinking how great the night went and how much I liked him. We hung out the next night as well. On February 18th 2007 Darin picked me up at the base visitor center and when we got to the parking lot of the dorms he turned to me and said "I want to ask you something. Will you be my girlfriend?" I of course said yes. I think back on that day now and I think, what if I said no? My life changed forever that day. I would have never thought we would be where we are right now. In April of 2007 Darin and I talked about getting married. I knew I loved him early on in the relationship. I am so grateful to have Darin in my life. We have been through alot together, he has always been there for me. I was so happy when he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I was even happier when we stood in the chapel and said our vows. Before we got married Darin told me it is very hard to be so far apart when he deploys and he asked me if I was sure I wanted to marry him. I loved him and I knew I would love him no matter what. The first deployment came August of 2008, it was very hard but we got through it. We both changed while he was deployed but we still loved each other. He then deployed for the month of May in 2009. The day he left was sad but I knew he would not be gone long. That was the day he told me he volunteered for the Minot orders. I was so upset to move but I will go anywhere with Darin. Now here we are three years after we met. Still madly in love and still together. I really can not imagine my life without Darin. He is my everything, he holds me tight when I am scared, he rubs my back when I cry, he laughs at my jokes, he helps me through the days, he is truly my best friend. To me he is the most amazing husband and the greatest person. Hopefully this year of our lives is wonderful and makes us stronger. Darin is the love of my life, I need to tell him more often how much he means to me.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

North Dakota

I have been in North Dakota since November 28th 2009 and I have found that a lot of people working here have no clue what is going on. The housing office on base keeps telling me different things, I know I have to wait for a house I understand that. Although it would be nice to let my landlord know about how long we will be renting from her, she is great and we are going month to month but I would like to give her an idea of when she may need to start looking for new tenants. I changed our AAA car insurance to North Dakota in the middle of December. When I was talking to our agent I told him because this is a temporary move we will not be changing our driver license. He said it was fine because we are military. He then called me a week ago to inform me that we had fifteen days to change our license. I called the lawyer on base and she said as long as we do not register to vote or buy a house we can keep our Nevada driver license. I talked to Nevada DMV, they told me as long as we have a physical address in Nevada we can keep out license there forever. I called the AAA agent back and told him I spoke to a lawyer, he sent the information to his management. I called him a few days ago and he told me not to worry about it, telling them I had a lawyer scared them and they will not press the issue. They know they were breaking the law by telling me to change my license, I feel bad for the people who just do what they are told and don't check into it. Before going to the DMV to change my registration Darin and I called to see what we needed to bring. They said all we needed to bring was the old registration. I brought everything I had to be on the safe side, and thank goodness I did. We did not need the old registration all we needed was the title and an id. I have learned to bring any information I have everywhere I go and to double and triple check any information I am given. I am very glad there are lawyers on base to help me out. By the time we get ready to PCS again I should know the laws pretty well and I will make sure before we get to the new state I will know those laws as well.