Monday, April 29, 2013


Aidan was a bit fussy yesterday, he felt a bit warm so we did naked time :) I held Aidan up to Darin and said "wouldn't it be funny if he peed on you?" he said "no way!" we both laughed and let Aidan play naked on the bed. He got hungry so I put him on my lap and started feeding him. I felt something warm on my leg and figured he was peeing. I look down and there is poop on my leg! I could not help but laugh. We got everything cleaned up and Darin and I continued to laugh about it off and on the rest of the day. Little things like that make me love our time together so much more. I love when all three of us are able to just hang out and relax even if it means getting pooped on.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

people are awesome!

I put on Human milk for human babies - Nevada facebook page that I had milk to donate. I got a few emails and was lucky enough to donate to amazing people. One lady lives out of state but is coming to Las Vegas to visit friends. She emailed and said her friend is able to pick up milk before they get here. So I got it ready and met her friend. Today I got a box from her in the mail! It made me cry. It is so sweet of her to thank me in such a way. There are milk storage bags, chocolate, toffee, a card, and an outfit for Aidan to wear in the pool. Some people are so very sweet! I am so proud to be a milk donor!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

always give more then you take

I have not always done the right thing. I have done bad things. When I was younger I was not the nicest person. I got in trouble and put myself in dumb situations. As I have gotten older I have really become a better person. I have made up for all the wrong I have done. I am giving more then I take. Being a milk donor means so much to me! I have donated over 900 oz of breast milk so far. When someone comes to pick up the milk or as I am driving to drop it off I have the most amazing feeling. Not only has Aidan been able to live and thrive from my milk but so have 4 other babies! I have had to decrease my supply a bit because of an oversupply issue but I am still freezing about 150 oz a month. I do not pump every day now but I do pump most mornings. I am proud and feel very good about being able to donate! My goal is to breastfeed Aidan until he is at least 3 years old. I plan to let him self wean. I also hope I am able to donate for as long as possible.

Monday, April 22, 2013

6 months old (a day late)

Aidan is 6 months old! That is 1/2 of a year!!!!! I never ever thought we would get to this point! Everything is going great. No more bottles! Aidan has chewed on a few apple slices and loved it! He is sitting up on his own and saying "mama" and "dada"!!!!!! Aidan is the best little baby. We are having so much fun with him. Darin is able to make Aidan laugh all the time. Aidan makes me work hard for a laugh. I love being Aidan's mommy and I am proud to say breastfeeding is going great! Over two months with no bottle. Aidan goes to sleep between 7pm and 9pm every night. He sleeps so good all night. He still wakes up from time to time but I just bring him close to me and he nurses back to sleep. Aidan is the most amazing little person! He is so sweet and loves everyone we meet. We are going to finish up all the pampers we have left then switch to cloth diapers! I wanted to do cloth from the beginning but I let people talk me out of it. I am done letting what people say get to me. I will do what I want (as long as Darin is ok with it) no matter what! Darin is excited to switch to cloth as well. In other news: we sold the truck and bought a 2011 toyota scion! I miss the truck but it is nice to have something the whole family fits in.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

lions. tigers, boobies, OH MY!

Wow was yesterday an interesting day. Sometimes when I write a blog it is about someone or a few people or just random thoughts that were brought on by something I saw on Facebook. If the person my blog was about asks if it is about them I am honest and tell them it is. Some people have thought a post was about them but I did not have them in mind while writing it. I do not say anything about a person that I am not willing to say to their face. This is my blog, my words, my feelings, my anger, my everything! If you do not like it then talk to me about it (like an adult) or do not read it. Covering to feed Aidan is a joke. He hates it and just wants to play with whatever I use. I will feed him uncovered when he wants to eat. Don’t like it? Then don’t look. My baby needs to eat so I will feed him. I have fed him in public many times and no one has ever said anything bad. I am proud to be breastfeeding because that is the best thing for babies! THIS PART IS ABOUT YOU! I would hate for you to miss the part that is truly about you. You will NEVER be a part of our lives again. I wish your daughter nothing but the best. I have never said anything about that sweet baby. You on the other hand have attacked my 2 babies in heaven and Aidan. You have made it a point to be rude and mean. I do not care that you do not like me but you can leave my children out of it. It is fine with me that you think I am shit but that has nothing to do with my son. THIS PART WAS ABOUT YOU! Infertility Awareness Week (April 21st to 27th) 1 in 8 couple suffer from infertility and many of them suffer in silence, to afraid to speak up, or ashamed. My hope is that one day infertility will be as talked about as breast cancer. Every disease should be talked about and NO ONE should feel alone!