Monday, January 28, 2013

breast is best

BREAST IS BEST! I am very happy I am able to breastfeed Aidan. I think everyone should give their babies breast milk. Breastfeeding is recommended until the age of 2 and longer if possible. I am proud that Aidan is getting the best start in life. I am proud I can do this for him. I am proud that because of my boobs my child is alive and growing. It makes me feel strong and amazing. I push my friends to breastfeed and I push strangers to breastfeed. I was lucky enough to be able to donate over 100 oz of breast milk to a mommy that needed it for her daughter. I do not judge other moms for not breastfeeding, I may try to educate them on the benefits but I do not put them down. I deserve the same respect. I do not breastfeed for any reason other then giving my son the best.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


I have to say I have a great life. Even when times are hard they are nothing we can not handle. I am so lucky to have the things I do. Some people have very shitty lives and I am happy to not be one of them! I love when the people who are mean and treat others like shit struggle. You get what you deserve one way or another. “Do good things and good things happen, do bad things and bad things happen” (My Name is Earl) No matter what my son will always have a mommy AND daddy that love him and are here for them. You pick your baby daddy and I must say I did damn good job!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


I am so lucky that Aidan is such a good baby! He hardly ever cries and he sleeps through the night! He is smiling all the time and he has laughed a couple times. I am still pumping and bottle feeding but he is latching onto my boob more and more. He means the world to me and we are having so much fun with him! When I was struggling with infertility and the miscarriages women I knew that had been through the same thing then had children always told me it would be worth it. I use to hate that advice. I never thought all the heartache and pain would ever seem worth it. Now when I look at Aidan and hold him in my arms I know what all those women meant. Everything I had been through leading up to this day was worth it. Without our struggles we would not have had such a perfect baby. With out all the heartache I would not know how special it is that Aidan is alive. I would not love Aidan as deeply as I do. When being a mommy seems hard I always think about our struggle and I am instantly happy again. I would never wish infertility and miscarriage on anyone but it has really opened my eyes. I don’t complain about the baby I worked hard to have and Aidan never gives me a reason to complain. When I don’t get the diaper on fast enough and Aidan pees or poops everywhere I can’t help but laugh. When he is crying and I feed him I cannot help but smile. When he wants to snuggle and falls asleep on my chest I hold him for as long as he wants. My life stops for him and nothing else matters. Aidan is the most amazing son and I am trying to be the most amazing mother. When Aidan is old I want him to look back at his life and be able to remember all the good things and smile!

Friday, January 4, 2013

goodbye 2012, hello 2013

January: we had a great time drinking and hanging out with friends, Darin went on a ride a long with Henderson PD, I kissed a girl, Darin started school, and we got pregnant (didn’t know yet) February: we found out we were pregnant with Aidan. March: we were getting very excited about the baby and getting ready for a big road trip. April: we drove to North Carolina to see Darin’s family! It was a great trip! We started the second trimester of the pregnancy. May: we found out we were having a boy! June: I got a job working for the city. July: the pregnancy was going great. August: we went to the beach!!! September: I stopped working and had my baby shower! October: Darin turned 28 and Aidan was born!!!! November: I turned 25 and we were getting use to having a baby! December: we moved into our own house and Darin got a job that allows him to carry a gun! 2012 was an interesting year. I never thought we would have kids. After everything we had been through over the years I really never thought it was going to happen. The pregnancy was great and I feel so lucky to have made it full term. I am so happy to have my little Aidan in our lives! We have talked a lot about it and as of right now we do not want any more children. Trying to get pregnant is hard for us and we do not want the stress. Some bad things have happened in 2012 but we need to focus on the good. It seems as though the bad follows you from year to year, the good memories will always be there but sometimes the bad just stick out more. I do not want negative people in my son’s life. It took us so long to have him I want his life to be as perfect as possible for as long as possible. I will do everything I can to protect him from negativity. My husband and I make ALL of our decisions together and we do a pretty good job of being there for each other. I am happy with the way the year went. I have some regrets but I can not change the past so I just need to move on. 2013 will be a year filled with fun stuff! Aidan is going to grow and strive. My goal for 2013 is to continue breastfeeding no matter what! I do not have a lot of support but it is important to Darin and I that Aidan only brinks breast milk! I will do anything for my baby and even though it is not always easy it is always worth it! I will do everything I can to make sure my family is as happy as can be in 2013. Now that we have our baby nothing can bring me down for long.