Thursday, October 11, 2012

due dates come and go....

Today is Aidan’s due date!!!! I am so very excited for this day! When we got pregnant the first time the due date was January 6th 2011, the second time we got pregnant the due date was July 12th 2011. After loosing Weylin and Holly those days were days I was dreading. They both came and went with tears shed and a lot of heartache. I never thought I would ever be pregnant long enough to make it to this day. I am so glad Aidan is doing well. We still have time left today so he may be born but he may not. We will just have to wait and see when he decides it is his time to be born. I am calm and excited for the birth. I am not afraid or nervous at all. I am 100% ready for our little man to get here!!!!

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  1. YAY!!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Can't wait to see some pics!! Good luck with the birth!!