Wednesday, November 21, 2012

little bit of everything

Today I turned 25 years old and Aidan is one month old! Everyone keeps saying how fast the time with a baby goes but right now it feels like time is going slow. I feel like Aidan has been here for way longer than a month. We are enjoying every second we have with little Aidan! Work called and said I had to go back one or two days a week or I have to quit. At first I said I was going to quit because it has not even been six weeks since the C-section and I cant go back to work yet. Than I thought about it and I emailed my boss and said I could come back one day a week starting in two weeks. My boss emailed me back and said that would not work I have to come back at the least two days a week. Darin and I are going to think about it and I will email my boss back on Friday. We moved into a new house and painted Aidan’s room blue. I feel so lucky to have my husband and son.

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