Monday, December 3, 2012

Aidan was up at 6am to eat and it is now 7:45am and I can not go back to sleep. Aidan is 6 weeks 1 day old and we are still feeding on demand. Some people think we should make him eat at a certain time and a certain amount but I do not agree. Aidan tells us when and how much he wants to eat and he is gaining weight so it is working. He is latching on my breast from time to time but I am still pumping mainly and feeding him with a bottle. We go to see the midwife tomorrow so hopefully she can give me some advice as to how to get him back on my breast full time. The reason I started pumping and bottle feeding in the first place was because when I got home from the hospital I was on drugs for the pain and I was a bit out of it sometimes and it was hard to breastfeed. At the end of the day as long as Aidan is still getting breast milk I don’t care how he eats it. We still have a bit of organizing to do till the new house is 100% done but we are slowly getting there. We got our Christmas tree the other day and decorated it yesterday. Today is a big day for Darin! He goes in for one out of two tests for a job he really wants. He also got a part time security job the other day. He is really excited about the company and the job! Fingers crossed and good luck for Darin today and tomorrow!!!

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