Saturday, September 21, 2013

11 months

This is Aidan's last month as a baby!!!! I am sad but excited. I love watching this little man grow! 11 months old today! Aidan is talking more and more everyday and has tons of new sounds. He has been walking for a few weeks now! He has different facial expressions all the time! Aidan is so freaking cute. He has the most amazing laugh. He loves to climb on everything and push his toy box around the room. He is now signing milk almost every time he wants milk! Aidan is such a smart baby. He still is not getting much if any regular food, he loves the boobies! Shadow and Spooky are playing with Aidan more now. Aidan is still a bit rough with them but he is getting better. Aidan also loves to make a lot of noise, he loves to yell and bang anything/everything together. It is pretty cute! Darin and I are so lucky to have such an amazing child! We are going to soak up every last second we have with baby Aidan before we know it baby Aidan will become toddler Aidan!

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