Friday, April 25, 2014

moving update

Well it is official we now live in the great state of North Carolina. Aidan did so well in the car on the road trip here. It only took us five days to get from Nevada to North Carolina. It was not super easy once we got here but we finally found a great place to rent. There is tons of space and we were able to get a king size bed! We are having a great time here and loving all the fresh fruits and vegetables. Farmers Markets are truly amazing! Aidan is a year and a half old now and time is just flying by. He is getting back into his own routine and seems to be transitioning well. He got to meet two of his cousins that are around the same age and he did so good. He is the sweetest little boy I have ever met. One of his cousins was crying and he went up to her and started rubbing her back. Moments like that show me that we are making the right parenting decisions for our family. Aidan is also become more and more of a dear devil these days. There is nothing he will not try to climb and he is not trying to jump off of the bed. This move may not have gone according to plan but I can already tell it was the best thing for our little family!

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