Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 8 of bed rest

Last Thursday I started spotting so my doctor put me on bed rest. Monday morning i had a miscarriage and the er doctor put me on bed rest. Tomorrow i will be able to get out of bed and go downstairs. I am glad that Darin is here and i am able to be on bed rest. I know i need time to heal and rest but laying in bed is hard. I cant really do much so I'm watching TV and thinking about the baby. I cant believe i am not pregnant anymore. I'm sure as the days and weeks go by it will get easier but right now its very hard. It has only been three days, but i cant stop thinking about it. When it comes to deciding what to eat its hard. When i was pregnant i had to eat certain things and not eat certain things. Now that i am not pregnant i can eat anything i want. You would think it would be a good thing but for me its not. I want to be pregnant. I know everything will work out and hopefully we will get pregnant again and everything will be fine. I still have hope and i am trying to be positive, but it has only been three days and i cant help but be upset. I think i will feel better once i can get out of bed and do something other then watch TV and think. There are even some shows that i cant watch now because they just make me to upset. I don't want to be upset and i don't want to be sad but right now i cant help it. The physical pain is getting a little better but i am still on the pain meds. A friend told me the only way to get over a miscarriage is to get pregnant and have a baby. I hope that does not take to long.

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