Tuesday, August 23, 2011

rOaD tRiP!!!!

We went to Mall of America! It was a great weekend! We left Friday morning about 9am and got there that night about 6:30pm. We checked into the hotel and then went and walked around the mall for a couple hours. We ordered room service and hung out in bed till we went to sleep! On Saturday we got up at 8:30am (if you know us then you know that is very early) we walked abound the mall a bit then went to the Aquarium. We did a little shopping then went to Bubba Gump for lunch! After lunch we left the mall to go to Costco! I spent way to much money but at least now we have enough trash bags to last 2 years! We went right back to the mall and did even more shopping and tons of walking! Darin did a flight simulation thing and it was like he was flying the plane. He said it was alot of fun! We had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and then went to the bar at Cadilac Ranch. We got food to go for later in the hotel and Darin rode the bull! We got back to the hotel about 9pm and just hung out. Sunday morning we woke up at 9am and packed up the car and checked out of the hotel. We stopped at Cabela's to look around and do some shopping. It was a huge store and they even had an Aquarium! We stopped for lunch a couple hours away and got home at about 7pm. It was a long drive but worth every minute! We went a little over budget but not much. We both had a great time and we are already thinking about places to go in October! We left Shadow and Spooky alone the whole time and I have to say I was freaking out a bit, but they were both fine when we got home!

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