Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Days Go By....

It is 9am and the house is so peaceful. It is not to bright nor to warm. Shadow and Spooky are relaxing, Darin is sleeping, and I am sitting on the couch. The past few days have been great. It seems like our luck is turning around and things have been going our way. I hope this luck last a while but is it really luck? Or are we just stepping up more and getting what we want? September will be here in a couple days and this is a big month for us. Many decisions will be made and hopefully we will have a pretty good 5 year plan. We have been through many hardships in our lives together but we have always come out on the other side stronger. I am very lucky to have the husband I do! No matter what happens or what life throws at us we will face it together and be strong.

Some very very good news....As long as things go as plan Darin is three classes away from his degree and he is taking two of them now and if he doesn't have the time to clep out of the third one then it starts in October. I was helping Darin edit a paper he wrote the other day and I forgot how much I love writing.

I started this blog because we were moving and it was a good way for our families to keep up with our lives but it has turned into so much more. After losing the baby I was able to come here and get out all my feeling and push on through my day or in the middle of the night when all I could do was cry I was able to get on here and write it out. Some people may think I get to personal on here but I see it as being helpful. Many people go through the same emotions and some of the same struggles and most of those people feel alone. Reading my blog helps some people realize they are not alone and it helps them open up and talk about it. I have always said I would rather be open about my struggles, even embarrassed at times, if I can help one person deal with their pain.

I have some reading I need to get done and I am going to have some breakfast. I wish moments of peace like this could last forever but my day must go on. I am in a good mood and I am going to try my hardest to stay in a good mood. Sometimes I get all wrapped up in the negative in my life and I forget about all the positive. Well here is to a great day and being happy!

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