Saturday, January 19, 2013


I have to say I have a great life. Even when times are hard they are nothing we can not handle. I am so lucky to have the things I do. Some people have very shitty lives and I am happy to not be one of them! I love when the people who are mean and treat others like shit struggle. You get what you deserve one way or another. “Do good things and good things happen, do bad things and bad things happen” (My Name is Earl) No matter what my son will always have a mommy AND daddy that love him and are here for them. You pick your baby daddy and I must say I did damn good job!


  1. First of all I am doing what is best for me and my child. I did not go out looking for a "baby daddy" and she is a wonderful blessing from God. It doesn't matter that she will not know her father because she will know enough love in her life. How low have you stooped to bring an innocent child into your petty crap? I don't give a second thought to what you think of me or frankly what you say about me, but it's in your best interest to leave my child alone and off the internet. Also run your mouth some more about me dating a married man when you did the same before you were married yourself. And also let us not forget that you were the one who wanted to enter into an "open relationship" with your husband and date/screw other men while your husband was overseas fighting for his country.

  2. i love how you think everything is about you. you have done nothingbut attack my children and i have never said anything about your child. there are other people in the world that picked a shitty guy to be the father of their child. you kept saying all this shit about how i needed to forget about the children i lost and live my life by the word of god. that is why i had an issue with you cheating on your boyfriend and messing with a married guy. yes i was dating a married guy before i got married but i was not putting other people down while i was doing wrong. i will not even talk about the whole open relationship thing because that is just bs. you have my number and i am always here if you want to talk, i would not hang up on you like you hung up on me. you need to grow up. it is sad you will never know or meet your nephew because you act like a child.