Monday, January 28, 2013

breast is best

BREAST IS BEST! I am very happy I am able to breastfeed Aidan. I think everyone should give their babies breast milk. Breastfeeding is recommended until the age of 2 and longer if possible. I am proud that Aidan is getting the best start in life. I am proud I can do this for him. I am proud that because of my boobs my child is alive and growing. It makes me feel strong and amazing. I push my friends to breastfeed and I push strangers to breastfeed. I was lucky enough to be able to donate over 100 oz of breast milk to a mommy that needed it for her daughter. I do not judge other moms for not breastfeeding, I may try to educate them on the benefits but I do not put them down. I deserve the same respect. I do not breastfeed for any reason other then giving my son the best.


  1. I wish I could, but I know I won't be able to without hurting my babies. Because of my surgery I will have vitamin deficiencies that are likely to cause problems and it could be very detrimental to their health and mine, and that was with a single baby. I know it's definitely not going to happen with 2 babies. I would love to have been able to, but a healthy baby is more important to me than saying "I breastfed." To each their own, I say.

  2. you can try to supplement with donor breast milk. i knolw some women can not breastfeed that is why i feel so lucky that i can breastfeed and donate :)