Friday, April 13, 2012


My stomach is killing me right now! I have taken my stomach pills (as needed) for well over two years now. They help about 75% of the time. Since I got pregnant every time I take the stomach pills I feel high. Today the pills have made my stomach ache less intense but I feel high as a kite and I feel like I could throw up. I miss out on so much when I am sick. All I can really do is lay in bed or go to the bathroom. During pregnancy IBS usually goes away but can get worse as you go from one trimester to another. I just hope it goes away or at least gets a bit better. Before I was pregnant it was easy to not eat, so my stomach hurt less. Now if I don't eat at least a little bit my head starts to hurt and I get dizzy. I know the baby needs food but sometimes life is just easier if I don't eat.

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