Thursday, May 24, 2012

20 weeks and counting!!!!

So we have hired a great midwife and we are doing a homebirth! So far the pregnancy is going great. I am measuring good and the heartbeat is nice and strong! Everyday that goes by we get closer and closer to the due date. I am still nervous everyday and being infertile I don’t think I will ever be able to relax 100%. I just want this baby to be healthy and happy. We set up the crib and we have tons of clothes. I just want everything to be perfect. I wish I could put on my blog the sex of the baby but because there is a person in our lives that can not know I cant post it on here. It is a very long story and dumb drama with an immature person. This may be our only child and I am not going to let someone ruin the pregnancy or ruin anything having to do with the baby. I am just going to ignore her, not talk to her, and be happy with my life! We are 20 weeks pregnant today!!!! This pregnancy is half over!!!!! I never thought we would ever make it this far. I am so excited!

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