Wednesday, May 30, 2012

terrifying day!!!

Today was a terrifying day! First I woke up in a little bit of pain. I woke up on my stomach and instead of just being uncomfortable it was painful. The pain went away after about fifteen minutes. Darin and I got ready and went to Albertsons for a few things. Then we went to Subway and picked up lunch. We ate when we got home, started laundry, and got our drinks ready to head upstairs. We had planned on watching all four Scream movies up in bed. When we got upstairs I went to the bathroom. After I wiped I looked down and there it was, BLOOD! I yelled for Darin and told him I was bleeding. (I may have over reacted a bit; it was very light pink blood not red and not heavy.) I called my midwife and she said it was completely normal because Darin and I had sex last night. I was nervous so she let us come in to hear the heartbeat. All I kept thinking was “this is it, it is all over.” I was so afraid and nervous our sweet little baby had died! We got to the midwife and she went to hear the heartbeat. I was so nervous I could not even breathe! Then we heard that perfect little sound! The baby’s heartbeat was perfect and everything is fine! This was the very first time this pregnancy I have had any spotting. I was freaking out and Margie (our midwife) was so nice and really helped to calm me down. She assured me the spotting was normal and hearing the heartbeat really put my fears to rest. Just as I start to relax a bit more and think this pregnancy is going great a little spotting threw me right back to reality. At any moment in time this could all be taken away from me just like the last two times. I will not take any moment I have with our sweet baby for granted. I am so glad everything is good and Darin and I had a great time watching all the Scream movies!

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