Tuesday, April 23, 2013

always give more then you take

I have not always done the right thing. I have done bad things. When I was younger I was not the nicest person. I got in trouble and put myself in dumb situations. As I have gotten older I have really become a better person. I have made up for all the wrong I have done. I am giving more then I take. Being a milk donor means so much to me! I have donated over 900 oz of breast milk so far. When someone comes to pick up the milk or as I am driving to drop it off I have the most amazing feeling. Not only has Aidan been able to live and thrive from my milk but so have 4 other babies! I have had to decrease my supply a bit because of an oversupply issue but I am still freezing about 150 oz a month. I do not pump every day now but I do pump most mornings. I am proud and feel very good about being able to donate! My goal is to breastfeed Aidan until he is at least 3 years old. I plan to let him self wean. I also hope I am able to donate for as long as possible.

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