Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day!

I am getting really annoyed with people complaining that the fireworks are so late (around 11pm, when it gets dark) and they have to work tomorrow so the fireworks should have been done last night. I don't see why people think the world revolves around them. There are many troops deployed right now that wont get to do anything for this holiday and there are tons of people (my husband included) that have to work today. I think people should just be happy that they can spend time with friends and family when so many people cant. Most of (I did not say all) the wives here do nothing but complain about when and how much their husbands work and most of them would freak out if their husbands had to work Security Forces hours. My husbands days off are taken more often then not so don't expect sympathy from me when you complain that your husband had a day off taken away once in the past three years. Shit happens and these guys need to focus on what they are doing not listening to their wives bitch. I wish people would remember that Independence Day is not about fireworks and BBQ's, it is about our freedom and the troops who fight or have fought for us to be free. Many people saw this as a four day weekend and to me that is wrong! Yes it is nice to have time off work but the holiday means alot more then swimming and drinking. Ask any troop deployed right now and I am sure he can give you the real meaning of Independence Day and not say anything about fireworks or drinking. I will think of the deployed troops today and I will not complain about something stupid and I will be grateful to be safe at home.

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