Friday, June 24, 2011

in the infertility news....

It is CD16. I went in for the ultrasound and it hurt so bad. Darin was able to come with me (for the first time) and has said he never wants to go back. He hated seeing me in so much pain. He was so sweet and stayed up late just to go with me and held my hand the whole time. Just like in April my follicles were not big enough so Dr. Billings wanted me to go back in two days and have it done again. With the flood and all the pain Darin and I decided not to go back for another ultrasound so we could not do the trigger shot. We are doing this month just like before with just the Clomid, oh and I am on progesterone. At first I was freaking out about the progesterone because I did not want to have to insert it every day. I thought it was going to be gross and messy but it really is not to bad. I should have ovulated or will ovulate sometime this week. We have started having sex and that is always fun! I still have little hope that we will get pregnant this month but I am trying very hard to be positive! I guess I am very good at thinking the worst then trying to talk myself into believing the best. There is just so much running through my head right now it is hard to keep it all straight! Darin has to work all weekend and Brittany wants to go a girls night! I have not seen Brittany in way to long so I cant wait to hang out with her!!!


  1. I hope it happens for you this month! I am so sick of medicine and crying every time I get my period, and when my husband deployed I went on birth control in an effort to regulate my cycles. He's been home for a month and I am still taking the pills, but I think this month will be the last. Not looking forward to all of the emotions that come along with not getting pregnant. Good luck!

  2. thanks! after our last miscarriage in Dec2010 we didnt try to get pregnant (we didnt use BC but we didnt do fertility treatments) for a few months and it was so relaxing. i still wanted a baby but i didnt go crazy all month and i wasnt sick because of all the pills. in high school sex ed they teach you how easy it is to get pregnant but no one ever tells you how hard it is to get pregnant. i cant wait till it is all over and we have a healthy baby (if that day ever comes) good luck going off the BC!!! maybe you will get pregnant right away and all your dreams your come true!