Monday, February 7, 2011

job update

ok so i went in for the CNA training today and before i even applied for it i told them i could not work right after the training due to doctors and stuff. they said it was fine, i told them again when i had the interview. they said i dont have to work for the hospital if i dont want to so it is not a big deal. so in class today they were asking everyone if they wanted full time or part time and i said i could not work right away and then i wanted part time but it has to be nights. i have so much blood work and doctors appointments and i am a stay at home wife first. they said i have to work right after the training. so i told them it would have to be one day a week because the fertility doctor only comes once every 4 months and i WILL NOT change the appointment. the lady got all mad and said "we will need you when we need you. we can not give you nights and you have to work at least twice a week" this would have all been fine if they had just said that to begin with! i am so mad because i really liked the class and i hate wasting time! so again INFERTILITY is running my fucking life! i want a baby more then i need some stupid job. sorry i had to vent!!!

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