Monday, February 28, 2011

just breathe

Since I had a panic attack in January my emotions have been crazy and I have had really bad anxiety! It is not fun and no matter what I try I cant calm down. I feel like there is so much unknown in my life right now and all I want is a plan! I cant plan for what I don't know and that bothers me. Darin and I talked yesterday and he doesn't like seeing me like this but believe me if I could control it there would be no issue! Darin said I just need to take life day by day, that is hard for me because I like to have a plan and not have anything unknown. When it is at its worse my chest feels tight, it is hard to breath, and I feel dizzy. I do not like feeling like this at all! I feel like most of the day my heart is racing and I just cant calm down. I go to see my doctor in about a week and I really hope he can give me pills or something to help!

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