Sunday, October 31, 2010


First let me say Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love candy, being scared, and the fall season. I love carving pumpkins and I use to like dressing up. This year Darin is working and I am sitting in bed watching scary movies. I will not be handing out candy this year. I really don't think I could do it alone. I know it sounds stupid that I need my hubby to help me pass out candy but I do. I know I will cry and be too emotional. Not only do we not have kids but I would be 7 months pregnant and all the kids dressed up and the pregnant mothers will just remind me of that. Maybe it is mean or selfish but I don't really care. What is better being happy watching movies or passing out candy to kids while I cry? I think I will pick movies and happy. Maybe next Halloween will be different but for now I am happy doing what I am doing. I made Halloween cupcakes for my friends sons kindergarten class the other day and they came out great. My friend said everyone loved them. It was tons of fun and Darin even helped a little. Here is an example of how emotional I have been: My friends son gave me a spider ring and my friend said while they were getting them his son said "daddy I am going to get one for Brianna" I totally cried. He is five and it is just so cute that he thinks of me.

We are going to get the pottery we painted on Tuesday and I can't wait to see them. I am sure they came out great! My birthday is coming and I am pretty excited about it. I love birthdays even though it means I am getting older. Ok well I am off to watch some movies! Have a great night everyone.


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