Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 16th till October 24th

Darin had time off work and it was a much needed break. We had a big list of stuff we wanted to do. Some things didn't get done but were replaced with even better things. We went fishing in Glenburn North Dakota and we both caught a fish. I even held a fish! We had a picnic in the truck while we were there. It was a little windy but a great time. We drove about an hour outside of Minot to see a Buffalo Ranch, we were disappointed because they were not doing tours anymore. We got some Elk steaks, Buffalo steaks, Buffalo hot dogs, and a few other things. All and all it was not a bad little drive. Darin and I always have the most fun on road trips getting a little lost. We drove down this long dirt road trying to find the ranch and it was crazy scary. There were rocks everywhere and really high hills but it turned out to be pretty fun. We also took a road trip to Sitting Bull's grave site in Mobridge South Dakota. It was about a four hour drive and alot of fun. I got a South Dakota magnet and we talked to the nicest old lady, she gave us so much information and was very helpful. We had some lunch at the Pizza Ranch and it was really good. The grave site was amazing. We took a different road back to North Dakota so we could stop at the other grave site at Fort Yates North Dakota. Also on the way back we stopped at a casino mainly so I could pee but we did gamble a little. We didn't win anything but we got a calender with all the upcoming events and if Darin is off we will go back. We got to Bismarck North Dakota just as it was getting really dark. The drive from Bismarck to Minot in the dark is no fun. There are no street lights and the road is scary when you can hardly see. Darin made fun of me the whole time because I was driving slow and having a mini freak out. We got home safe and Darin went out with a friend that night. We watched alot of movies and did alot of shopping while Darin was off. We carved a pumpkin together for the first time. Darin's birthday was alot of fun, I got him the breakfast he wanted and we had cake after dinner. It was really a great week. I had alot of fun and I am glad Darin enjoyed himself. Now we are back to our normal routine. It is snowing in Minot today and really windy. Darin is off tomorrow and it is going to be perfect weather to snuggle up, drink hot cocoa and watch movies. I love my husband so much, he is such a great man! Here are some pictures from our week.

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