Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I feel like I do not know the meaning of waiting! Darin and I decided we are going to wait till the 23rd for me to go in and have a pregnancy test, well today we went to the hospital for his MRI and our plans for waiting were ruined. We wanted to have a pregnancy test today but I had to put in a message for my doctor on base because my referral for my OB expired (OOPS) so I cant see him of have him order anything till the 19th when I have the referral renewed. So we are now waiting for my doctor to call and let me know if he will order the test for tomorrow or if he is going to make me wait. Sometimes I feel like all I do is wait and sometimes I just cant wait! Unless you are infertile you will never understand the crazy that goes on in my head.

On a non baby related topic, Darin and I had pictures taken today!!! I have to say I looked pretty hot and Darin looked so handsome. We had so much fun! Darin leaves for NC very soon and I am excited for him but I am going to miss him so much!!!

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  1. I would just go to the clinic and tell them I'm 2 weeks late or that I got a + at home :)