Thursday, May 26, 2011

love yourself always!

I am not feeling to good today. My stomach is killing me! I have done pretty good about staying busy while Darin was gone and he will be back tomorrow!!! I cant wait to see him. I know he has only been gone for two weeks but I missed him so much! I have been relaxing today, trying to get better, and listening to music. There is a nail in my tire so I have to bring the car to walmart to get a new tire because they are under warranty, thank goodness. We are doing the Clomid again in June and I have to say I am not excited at all! I want a baby so bad but I am sick of feeling like shit because of all the drugs and stuff. I wish life was easy and we had no struggles but then again Darin and I have become so much stronger as a couple. I would not trade my life with him for anything in this world! He makes me feel so good all the time, he is strong when I cant be, he is funny when I need to laugh, he really is the love of my life! All week people have been telling me things that I just don't want to hear. I am really to nice sometimes because I will sit here and listen to anything you want to tell me but you are no where to be found when I need help. I think that no matter what you look like you should be comfortable in your own skin! Some people are only ugly because they think they are ugly. I am so happy to feel good about the way I look. Darin will say I am to conceited and at times I am but I think it is very good to love yourself! That's all I have for now I may write more later.

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