Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend fun!

I had such a great weekend with my hubby! Friday we went food shopping and cheated on our diet by getting fast food. We have been doing so good on the diet but I guess everything in moderation is ok. Saturday we went to town! We went to Slumberland to look at recliners, we found and awesome electric one that laid all the way back like a bed. We didn't buy anything right away, we left and went to Main Street. We bought Becky (my sister) a BLUE knife, and we got stuff that is made in ND for Darin to bring to his family in NC. We were talking about the recliner and figured we would go back and look again. We were ready to buy the electric recliner with the sale it was only about $500, as we were walking to the counter we walked by the recliner and I noticed the plug! DUH of course it plugs in it is electric, the plug does not work for us though because the recliner would pretty much be in the middle of the room. Darin and I both had a pretty dumb moment, he was thinking it ran on gas for some reason and I was thinking it had a battery. Needless to say we both felt pretty dumb but in our defence it was pretty early in the day. We spent another half hour or so looking at the other recliners that didn't plug in. We found a nice big one that rocks and reclines pretty far back! With the sale it was only $652 and that is with the five year warranty!!! I will post a picture of it! Now on to Sunday (Mother's Day) we called everyone to wish them a happy mothers day, Darin made pancakes, sausage, and eggs for breakfast. We went to town again and did some shopping. Darin needed a couple more things for his trip and litter was on sale so we got a bunch of that. I wanted to get ten litters and Darin looked at me like I was crazy so we compromised and got five. All in all we really had a great weekend! He has to work tonight then he is off till next month! He will be in NC for about 16 days oh and we are having pictures done tomorrow!!! We were going to have pictures done outside but if it rains we have to move them inside. Life is so good right now and I am very lucky! Fingers crossed for a positive pregnancy test!!!!

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