Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day Weekend!

Fathers day weekend was awesome!!!! Last year on fathers day I started to miscarry so this year I was making up for it. Friday I got Darin cake truffles in the shape of little beer bottles! Saturday we packed up the truck and headed to Bismarck! We ate at Texas Road house and went to see bull riding! Our seats were pretty good and we got to meet some of the riders! We then drove back to Minot and hit a crazy scary storm but made it home safe. Oh crap I almost forgot, on the way to Bismarck I hit a bird(for the first time ever). Sunday I woke Darin up with a plate of fresh fruit, we had breakfast, and he went to the gym. When he got back we went food shopping then went to get food! Last night we hung out and watched movies. We both had a great time this weekend and I am glad that I could make this fathers day way better then the last one. Some of you may judge and think we are not parents because our babies died but I could care less what you think. My husband is a great father and we will forever celebrate fathers day!

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