Monday, June 6, 2011

fReAkInG oUt!!!!

This is a crazy month and I am freaking out. Darin has the BOP list in and once we find out he is going to reenlist. I am scared that he wont be able to reenlist and he told me that he is pretty sure he will/can reenlist. We go to see the genetic doctor on Wednesday! Since all of our blood work is coming back normal I am 90% sure they are going to tell us the same crap we already know, but what if they tell us we can NEVER have a healthy baby? I am stressing out so much this week. I also have to stop and pick up my Clomid while we are in town on Wednesday. My period should be here in 6ish days and then three days after it starts we will start the Comid. Today is a little overwhelming, I stopped doing something I like to move onto bigger and better things, I just hope it will work out. I feel like my whole world is going to end sometimes. I hate when I panic and feel nervous for no reason. Since the very first round of Clomid I have been crazy and it is not fun. Thank goodness I have Darin!!! I really don't know what I would do with out him!

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