Monday, November 22, 2010

5 Months...(a day late)

Yesterday marked 5 months since the miscarriage. Let me explain why I am a day late. I did not forget but my husband kept me so busy yesterday that I did not even think about it. To compare yesterday to the day I lost the baby: it is so so different. I still think about the baby and cry but not often. There is so much going on this week and just in my life. I will never forget that baby but the pain is easier. I sometimes think about where I would be in the pregnancy now and it makes me sad. I should be getting ready to have a baby in January! Instead I am getting ready Thanksgiving dinner and starting all over again.

When I first had the miscarriage I cried everyday. I still have alot of questions that I wish I had answers for! I don't cry everyday now maybe once or twice a week about the baby. It is never crying for hours like before. I just shed a few tears for the baby, for the memory, for the what could have been, and for myself.