Monday, November 15, 2010


Darin and I had game night with Brittany and Will! It was so much fun. The night was cut a little short because I got sick. We will be doing another game night very very soon! Thanks Brittany and Will for my birthday gift!! I love it so much and I cant wait to put a picture in it and hang it up! Oh and chocolate gravy is so good. I think Brittany wants us to weigh 900 pounds because she tried to send the rest home with us. D not N!! lol

I got an email from a friend tonight and I cried reading it. She is so thoughtful and caring. The email meant so much to me! She is truly a great friend!

I had a really bad dream this morning. I was pregnant one minute and then the next minute the baby was gone. It felt so real I jumped out of bed at 5:30am and could not go back to sleep till almost 7am. It had bothered me all day. I was sitting on the couch crying and Shadow was being so cute cuddling with me while I cried. Once I stopped crying Shadow, Spooky, and I ate some orange yogurt and the way they eat made me laugh. They are so cute!

Right now I am watching Darin play the new black ops. When he is done we are going to snuggle and watch a movie or some tv. I love spending time with my husband! He means the world to me. I love laying in bed with him with my head on his chest just listening to his heart beat. Today may have been a day full of emotions but I am truly lucky!


  1. Aww! Your great friends! We had loots of fun:)

  2. it is great to have another couple to hang out with!