Monday, November 22, 2010

My 23rd Birthday!!!

Yesterday was my birthday! I have to say it started off kind of crappy. I was mad I could not get breakfast in bed. There was too much snow for Darin to do get anything and we had taken apart the stove to let the stuff soak before we washed it the night before so he could not cook anything. Although he did heat me up some pizza and bring it to me on the couch. We had to go out and shovel even though we bought a snow blower! If we used the snow blower we had no place to put it after, if we put it back in the entry way all wet it would have ruined the floor and if we put it in the garage the dogs would have peed on it and ruined it. There was like six and a half inches of snow but it was pretty light and easy to shovel. I cleaned off the car and truck while Darin did most of the shoveling. I was just annoyed and irritated in the morning but Darin made my day so much better. We made pigs in a blanket together and snuggled on the couch to watch tv. Darin ran to the store last night to get some watter for Thanksgiving and he came home with Carrot Cake!! He put some candles in it and we had cake. It was so so sweet. It was a great day because I have a great husband!

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