Monday, December 27, 2010


So I go to the lab on December 13th to check my HCG levels(pregnancy hormone) they were 25. The nurse said it is good it is so low and it should be down to 0 in a week. I go back a week later and there is no paper work there to even have the test done and they try to hand me a cup to pee in. I told the lady at the lab what I was there for and she called the nurse. We waited almost an hour for the nurse to walk the paper work across the hall. My levels were not at 0 they were 11, so the nurse said "come back next week" I go in today and again the paper work is not there. I waited about fifteen minutes then I walked across the hall and yelled at the lady. I was not going to wait all freaking day because they forgot to bring the paper over before and they were on lunch. Not going to happen! Finally they bring the paper work over and the nurse called. She said "your levels are now 3.5 you can start having sexual intercourse again but the doctor recommends you wait two months before trying to get pregnant." I said we wont prevent a pregnancy but we wont go on Clomid again until the results of all the test on the baby come back. Then I got off the phone and I was thinking, the last miscarriage they said to wait two weeks before we had sex again. This time no one said "don't have sex" so we have been having sex for a while. I feel like I have to be my own doctor sometimes. I guess nothing really bad can happen because no one made a point of saying "don't have sex" but who knows? I am sick of sitting in the lab waiting room and seeing all the pregnant ladies. I should have a baby in ten days!!! I am glad 2010 is ending! Somethings have been great and somethings have just been plain shitty! I just hope 2011 is a better year and we can get pregnant and stay pregnant and have a healthy baby. I would give anything or do anything to have a healthy baby.

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