Sunday, December 26, 2010


Darin and I both have colds and feel like crap so Christmas was spent resting. It is crazy how fast this year has gone by. This Christmas was kind of sad I SHOULD be about ready to pop out a baby OR 10ish weeks pregnant. It is hard that the due date is so close. We should be just a week or two away from having a baby instead we are waiting for the results or test and blood work. Other then thinking about the baby we had a great Christmas. Darin got tons of stuff he wanted and so did I. He got me the most amazing ring! Brittany brought us food, it was so yummy. We watched Lockup all day then hung out in bed and watched Tru Blood most of the night. It is hard being away from family and loosing two babies but Darin is great and I am so thankful that I got to spend the holiday with him. Honestly to me a holiday is just another day. Darin is not always home for holidays or important stuff so we don't always celebrate on the exact day. This time last year we had just rented the house in Glenburn and we were snowed in due to the big blizzard. We didn't have a tree or gifts but non of that mattered because we were together. We have been in North Dakota over a year and sometimes it feels like forever and other times it feels like we just left Las Vegas. No matter where we go or what day it is I will always be at home with Darin!

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