Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Three Years Married!!!

Today is our three year anniversary! It has been a great day. We had french toast for breakfast and then went to the post office and went shopping. We went out for lunch and got a few more Christmas decorations. We are not exchanging gifts this year because we got each other alot of gifts for Christmas. Right now we are going to fold some laundry and put it away.

I went to the bathroom and noticed a little blood so we are waiting for the doctor to call back. It has put a damper on the day but the good news is I am not in any pain. I really hope everything is ok I don't want to loose the baby. I hope the doctor calls soon so we know what he wants us to do. I have an ultrasound on Friday but he may want me to go in today. I guess we will just wait and see.

I really hope the baby is ok. I HATE waiting!!!

UPDATE: the nurse called and said the doctor told her there was nothing they could do and I just need to wait till the ultrasound on Friday. She said I could go on bed rest if I could and if I wanted to. Darin and I talked about it and I am going on bed rest (thank goodness Darin is off) I have spotted three times but that is all. I hope everything is ok come Friday. Thanks everyone for the well wishes.


  1. What your Dr should do is have your Progesterone level checked!!! UGGHH Sorry. Just a little annoyed! Stay in bed with your feet elevated just a little.

  2. yea i was confused that there is nothing to be done but its whatever if i fight with them it will just get me all upset and the baby doesnt need that. i have been in bed (other then going to the bathroom) since 4pm. im resting trying not to freak out and my legs are elivated :) i just hope my little pumpkin can hold on. im excited to go in friday and see the baby and hopefully a heart beat