Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

To some people 4th of July has lost its meaning. It has become a four day weekend. I think that is sad. 4th of July is independence day. Being an Air Force wife holidays have more meaning to me. I am lucky this time my hubby is off and able to be here with me. With my husbands job holidays are celebrated the week before or the week after and that's fine but I am glad he is off this holiday. I am so proud to say my husband serves this country. He is such a great man. He works really hard and still finds the time to be here for me when i need him the most. He is a tough Air Force guy when he needs to be but is still caring and kind. After what happened he really stepped up, he took care of me and cried with me and sometimes just held me when i cried. Nothing and no one can take away this pain but he has found little ways to make it better.

I am so proud of my SSGT.

I love you SSGT Darin Echerd :)

Thank you to my husband and all the Troops :) Have a good 4th!!!!

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