Friday, July 30, 2010

Morning Drama

It is summer in Minot and that means road work. All well and good when we are notified of the street on the corner being closed. This morning my husband was driving home and drove over tac on our street. There was a truck blocking the driveway. The guys moved it and told my hubby you may not want to pull in. Giving it no real thought after a 16 hour shift he pulled in. Now there is tac in the driveway, on his tires, and in the garage. I call housing and they give me construction maintenance number. I talk to Ted and he is very helpful giving me another number. I call the other number and the guy said "I know I have men out doing some work but I am not sure where they are." So I call housing again they tell me to call housing maintenance. They tell me they wont come clean it I have to call housing. The lady at housing transfers me to an inspector. I tell him what is going on and he said "ok let me make a few calls and figure it out." He calls me back and gives me a number to call to give them my name and number, so I call and give them all the info. The guy calls me back and says "your husband should not have pulled in I am not cleaning it." I told him they moved a truck to let him pull in. So he came to the house and we were standing in the garage talking. He made me wake Darin up to get his side of the story. (that pissed me off even more, after working all night he needs some sleep) Darin stood there in his pajamas as I yelled at the guy. I am sorry but the guy in charge of them said it was their fault, only one side of the road was to be done at a time. I was not going to let him stand there and blame my husband for their mistake. There were no cones up this morning but they did not want people to drive threw it. There were cones up when we were talking and I said it would have been nice to be notified that the road was going to be closed. The guy said "the cones don't mean you cant drive you just have to drive around them." That really confused me, no cones you cant drive but cones mean you can drive. I honestly don't know where they find these people to work for them but maybe some training or a high school diploma should be required. In the end it felt really relaxing to yell at someone and he is in the garage now cleaning. Hopefully the tires and driveway get done to. I left a message for the housing inspector, Andy, to call me back so I can update him. I am so happy he was so helpful because with all the phone calls I was ready to rip my hair out. On a different note Darin needs to register his truck today and I am doing laundry so I can finish packing his bag. He leaves for training this weekend. I am going to miss him but I will be trying to keep myself busy. I recommend everyone yell at someone to feel better lol. Judging from this morning today can only get better.

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