Friday, September 10, 2010

Am I Wrong???

The salute I did for Darin came out great! I am really excited that he got to see it. My morning was pretty great! Then after waking up the second time it is not so great. I really want to get rid of facebook for many different reasons but there are alot of reasons I want to keep it. I just cant decide! Today a girl sent my husband a friends request, that's fine he has tons of friends that are girls and I don't care. He is even friends with ex-girlfriends on facebook and it is fine. This girl is someone I don't like. When we were living at Nellis AFB she told tons of people I was pregnant and asked my husband one day if I was. I called her to ask her about it and she insisted she heard it at a party but could not remember who told her. Her husband now is a man who cheated on his first wife with her, she is now pregnant. Maybe after the miscarriage I am just bitter or whatever. Honestly I don't think someone who would steal someones husband and lie about something that meant so much to me should be on my husbands facebook page. When she was telling people I was pregnant it bothered me not only because we could not get pregnant but because I was smoking. I don't want people to think I would smoke while I was pregnant because I wouldn't. I quite smoking April 3rd and I have not started again even though there have been times I wanted too. Am I wrong for not wanting her to be on Darin,s facebook page?


  1. You are not wrong for not wanting her on his page! I wouldn't want someone like that on my husbands. Why would she have the nerve to even add him?! Ugh girls just disgust me!

  2. i know! when i told Darin i ignored her he said "good, i never reallt even talked to her" lol gilrs are so annoying lol

  3. You are not wrong at all, sounds like a bad character to me.