Sunday, September 5, 2010

Phone Salute *Friday 6am - 10am on HLN*

Today has been a great day so far. I did a phone salute for Darin that will air on HLN, on Morning Express with Robin Meade. Between 6am and 10am eastern on Friday! I am so excited about it! I cried when I was talking but that's ok. I started Clomid today and I have already cried a few times. Mainly about stupid things like Shadow and Spooky were sleeping together and it was just so cute it made me cry. Yay for being really emotional! I have pretty bad cramps today and my belly hurts a little but other then that today is good. I have been cooking fish because Darin likes it and it is good for us. We had Salmon the other day and Haddock last night. Darin loved them but I am not crazy about fish. I ate it and it was not bad but it is not my favorite thing to eat. I am pretty excited about tomorrow, spending time with Darin just relaxing and watching movies. Right now I am watching Ice Road Truckers and this show is making me more and more excited for winter. I cant wait for it to snow! Ok I have to go finish making dinner now.

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