Friday, September 17, 2010

Winter is here!!!

It is getting colder in Minot and we are ready for winter. It is snowing already in North Dakota. We have a couple more things to get and have to organize one more room then we are done. Next week I am going to meet with a nutritionist. Darin and I are eating alot healthier now then we ever were but I want to see if she can give me some more tips and some yummy meal ideas. I go in next week for blood work to see if the Clomid made me ovulate this time. It worked last time so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it works this time. Although I have nothing to complain about all the extra sex has been fun and oddly enough it has kept my mind off the baby. I know I know to much information but that's what happens when you are infertile, you talk about private things that many people who are not infertile don't care to hear. There is not much else going on here. Darin and I got alot of shopping done and the spare room is ready for our friend to stay in even though he wont be here for another few weeks. I will be working on Shadow and Spooky's room this weekend. It needs to be cleaned and rearranged. I need to finish some laundry then maybe do some dishes.

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