Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day Three of Clomid!!!

For those of you who do not know what Clomid is; it is a fertility drug that helps me ovulate. I think changing for the happier has changed my experience with Clomid. I am still crying about little things and I am very emotional but this time I feel alot more happy and hopeful. I just hope all my hope and happiness is not wasted. I want the Clomid to work like the first time. Darin and I watched Beauty and the Beast last night I forgot how much I loved that movie and yes it made me cry. Then we watched Blast from the Past and the dad in that movie that built the fall out shelter totally reminded me of my grandfather. I could see my grandfather building one. Darin and I have had a great day. We have gotten so much done! I put post its in the closet so I know how much stuff I have on today's date so I can really see how long stuff last. I totally have an issue with buying in bulk. Some times I feel like I am going to run out of something that I need or not have something. Crazy I know! Well I am off to cook and relax with Darin.

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  1. Happiness is never wasted! Stay positive Brianna :o)