Saturday, March 26, 2011

Debt Free!!!

We were never really in debt but we have had a loan on Darin's truck. We were making payments on it every month and it was all good. We have about a year and a half left on the loan but we will be writing a check to pay it off tomorrow!!! I am so crazy excited and I know Darin is excited too! Other then the truck we have no debt and after hearing stories from other people I am so very glad we are debt free. I understand if you have to go into debt because of medical bills or something important but I have talked to other military wives that are in debt over expensive cars, big screen TVs, jewelry, etc. I never look down on anyone or judge but I hate when people complain about debt but they are the ones who chose to go into debt! If you have tons of credit card debt then I don't think you need a new video game or a new purse. I was taught from a young age that if you don't have the cash for it then don't buy it. Darin and I live like that so we will never have debt. We are very lucky to live the life we do!! It will be very nice to own the truck and not owe anyone money for it! This is such a great weekend!!!

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