Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sex and the City Saturday!!!

I am not really sure how I want to start this blog. I am so lucky to have the husband I do. He is so nice to me and he treats me so well. I feel bad for friends when they say their husband/boyfriend is mean or just doesn't pay attention to them. Sure my husband and I argue sometimes but it is usually over something dumb and we are over it in a few minutes. Some friends I talk to have fights or arguments that go on for hours or days. Sometimes when I complain about infertility or loosing the babies people get mad and say I should be grateful for what I do have. Then other times I will say how much I love my husband or how great he is and people tell me not to brag. I have come to the conclusion that I will say and write whatever I feel like because I will never be able to make everyone happy. Some people just need to learn to not read what I write if they don't like it. Maybe some people are reading what I write wrong. I know sometimes I have written a blog that should have been happy and funny and gotten an email asking me to not be so negative. It is hard to get someones emotion from text so anything could be read wrong.

Saturday we are going to watch both Sex and the City movies and eat homemade Chinese food! I am so super excited because Sex and the City is my favorite show and I don't watch it as much as I use to. When we lived at Nellis we didn't have cable and I use to re watch the Sex and the City seasons over and over. I have always wanted close friends like that. The show makes me want to move to New York and wear super cute clothes. I really wish Darin liked the show, when we first started dating I talked him into watching a few seasons. We were in his dorm room, drinking, and hanging out on his twin size bed. We got to season three between Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. After that weekend he didn't want to watch it any more. Since then we have watched it together off and on but I wish he would spend the time to watch all the seasons with me.

I guess there is not to much else going on. Well there is but some stuff I cant post on here, at least not yet. I guess I need to think of a good way of saying it with out the person I talk about know I am talking about them. My back is killing me from all the shoveling so I am sitting with the heating blanket on it. I sprained my back about a month ago and I never really let it heal so now I am paying for it!

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  1. You will never make everyone happy so it's pointless to try. You have a right to be frustrated or upset about infertility & you have a right to "brag" about what a good man your husband is. My hubby is a good guy most of the time but I guess we all have our 'not proud of' moments. Also good luck with finding a way to talk about whoever it is. My old blog is password protected for that simple fact. :)

    Have a GREAT Sex & the City Chinese Food Saturday!!! :)