Monday, March 14, 2011


Sorry it has been a while. The stupid computer broke and I was 90% sure I lost all my pictures and documents. Thank goodness there is a guy on base that fixed it for me and got everything back and it only cost $95!!! Way way cheaper then Best Buy. I have my third appointment with the counselor tomorrow and I have now been on Zoloft for about a week. It is all helping alot. I feel more relaxed and the little things don't bother me so much. Darin has his PT test on Friday and if he does not pass it he can not reenlist. I'm sure he will do great and pass it but it is a little scary. He is not sure if he wants to reenlist but he doesn't want the Air Force to tell him he cant. He is not in the best shape because after we lost the babies it became more important to be together then to work out. I was selfish and needing him home with me. He is working his ass off to get back in shape and he is doing really good! We are going to the Spa Friday morning and he is going to have a body wrap then we will head back to the base. No matter what happens it will all work out. We will stay together and have a great life! No matter where we end up in life I know it will be great as long as we are together!

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