Monday, March 21, 2011


When you live close to family it is easy to not go see them because you know you can always go tomorrow. I never would have thought the Military would take me so far away from my family. I wish I could drive to my moms house and hang out or go to my grandmothers house for lunch. I miss getting home late at night to find my grandfather pulling in right behind me because he was out late too. I miss being there for everything. My sister is getting married next week and I wont be there. It makes me very sad because I guess I could go. It is a little expensive but we could swing it. I am torn because I want my husband to be there too. When I was younger I hated when we had to go to holidays and do a big family dinner and now I would give anything to be close enough to go. I don't want to miss my sisters wedding! I look back on all the times that I put off spending time with my family and now I wish I could back and spend tons of time with them. Maybe I will have to take a trip to Vegas in a few months to visit. I feel bad because Darin can not always get time off to go visit family. We are lucky he can go in May but it would be nice if he could take more leave so we can see everyone. The holidays that Darin is not working are not to hard because we start our own traditions but when he is working I sit here alone thinking about what my family is doing. Sometimes I feel like I have given up alot to be a military wife but it is all worth it. If my husband can put his life in danger to fight for this country then I can miss important things. I would not trade my life for anything but it would be nice if both of our families could be in one place all together so we can spend time with them.

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