Wednesday, March 16, 2011

friends come and go

Today is Spooky's 3rd birthday!!! It is in the 30's in Minot today and I have the windows open. Darin is at class and we booked his ticket to NC yesterday. He is really excited to go. I am so glad we have the money and as of right now he still has the leave. I am a little nervous about him spending money while there but we have already talked about it and I think it might be ok.

I would like to talk about friends for a bit. I have made friends and lost friends over the past year. When I was younger friends were so important, but I have found that as I have grown up having friends is not worth the drama most of the time. It is always nice to have a friend that you can talk to and hang out with but at the end of the day my husband and family mean the most to me. Some friends are mean and talk about you behind your back and some friends are only friends with you when they need something. Some friends only want to hang out when they are having a problem and need advice but when you need something they are no where to be found. I just feel that at this point in my life I need friends that are not going to be tons of drama. I don't care if someone doesn't like me and wants to tell me they don't like me but why talk crap behind my back. Just say what you have to say to me and be done with it.

Ok onto something else! The doctor on base is annoying me today, they say one thing then two weeks later say something completely different and just waste my time. Darin is doing so good dropping inches for his PT test on Friday! I really hope he passes the test!

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