Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sick of taking pills....

I need to go in and talk to my doctor about the Zoloft. I have been on it for a little while now and it makes me feel completely out of it. Monday night I was making hard boiled eggs and I forgot they were on the stove for like two hours! It really sucks and is kind of scary. I take the pill and sometimes I am fine and other times I just space out or feel out of it. I have to say that out of all the pills I take Zoloft is not even the worst. I would have to say that the Metformin is the worst. It pretty much does nothing but make me sick! I am so sick of taking pills that make me sick or make me feel weird.


  1. May I ask why you're on Metformin?! I was for period regularity but it only worked for A cycle then it was pointless to even take it. Argh! I know what you mean about pills pills pills! I hope you're able to switch to something better than Zoloft! 2 hr hard boiled eggs are not good. :)

  2. i am on Metformin because I have PCOS the doctor said it will help make the PCOS not so bad lol but years later there is really no change at all. my periods are pretty regular but they usually are about 30 days about give or take a couple days. my periods are really painfull and no fun at all lol i remember when i was younger my mom use to think i was faking the cramps to get out of school because she never had cramps but now she sees how bad they really are for me.