Monday, August 9, 2010


Well Darin will be home in about five days. Before he left I really thought it would be very hard to be alone after what happened. Honestly it has not been to hard. I have had a couple bad days but for the most part it has been good. The ladies have kept me busy and it has been so helpful! I have not made tons of friends here but the ones I have made are great! Shadow and Spooky have been making it hard to get comfy in bed. They think because Darin is away they can try and take up the whole bed. I really think they are trying to get me to sleep in the spare room! I get comfy around them then I wake up and Shadow is laying on my legs and Spooky is right next to my head. They are so freaking cute, they do bother me sometimes and get into stuff I wish they didn't but overall they are awesome! I need to head to Fort Mandan one day this week to get Becky and myself more wish bracelets. I still have some cleaning to do before Darin comes home. I have been doing a little each day but I want to finish by Thursday! So far today has been a good day! I am going to dinner tonight with the ladies and I am sure it will be tons of fun. Ok well that is all for now.

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