Friday, August 20, 2010

Let Your Hopes, Not Your Hurts, Shape Your Future

It has been a few days since my last blog. Not much is going on. Darin and I went to Bismarck the other day and did some shopping. We got a few Christmas gifts (I know its early) I like to be ready! I am really happy Darin is back home, it is great having him here! We have tons of stuff to do Monday so I hope the weekend goes by fast. We got some winter clothes the other day and I think I can say we have enough but I am sure I will buy more before the snow hits. We will begin to stock up for the winter soon just in case we loose power, get snowed in, etc. I like to be over prepared so I am ready for anything. After months we finally got a rug for the living room, Shadow and Spooky love it. I had two cavities filled a few days ago and my mouth still hurts. I never want to get cavities again! We are selling tons of stuff, books, entertainment center, desk, kitchen stuff, etc, to try and make some room for new stuff. I think I got you all up to date. See I said not much has happened.

Time to talk about the baby. It has been almost two months since we lost the baby. I have had alot of good days but sometimes it really gets to me and I just have to cry. When I get my period next month we will go back on the Clomid and try again. I wish it was easy for me to get pregnant. I wish I didn't loose the baby. I wish I didn't know pregnant people who take advantage of it and complain all the time and do things to endanger their children. I wish I could walk through a store and not be bothered by someone who is pregnant. I wish I could read things on facebook and not want to punch people. I wish alot of things but most of all I just wish I will get pregnant again soon and have a healthy baby. I really don't know how Darin puts up with me. I cry alot, I hate going out, I am a bitch sometimes, and I cant give him a child. He is truly the best husband I could ever have! I love him so much.

That's all for now! Have a great weekend!

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