Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy he is home

Darin is back home and life is slowly returning to normal. Well at least as normal as it can be. We went shopping yesterday and got a fabreeze plug in thing for the cats room, it is on low and is still making the whole upstairs smell really good. I am glad Shadow and Spooky have left it alone, I was nervous they would play with it and i would have to remove it. Before Darin came home I thought I was having trouble sleeping because he was away but now that he is home I am still unable to sleep. I am going to the dentist tomorrow to have my first cavities filled so maybe I am just nervous about that. Darin keeps telling me it wont hurt but I am a little scared. I am sure I will leave there tomorrow and think "that was nothing" but who knows. Darin loves going to the movies and I hate it! Don't get me wrong I love watching movies but I like doing it at home, I hate having to sit there in the uncomfortable chairs for two hours. I told Darin we could go to the movies today and I am pretty excited about it mainly because I want popcorn! I am sure it will be fun and the movie should be good. Darin always picks movies that I don't think I will like then we go and I end up liking the movie more then he did. Oh I almost forgot, we had the new mini blizzard from dq. I love the size but it was still to much for me. I don't really like ice cream, crazy I know. Sorry this blog is kind of all over the place but I am very tired and only got four hours of sleep last night.

Darin rented a car in Texas and the company told him he had to get the insurance. He was told it was mandatory to rent the car so he signed the paper. I talked to the companies customer service and they said it is not mandatory. When Darin turned the car in he told them he did not want the insurance and they said it was too late. I was pissed so I called customer service again, they told me to call the store and if they don't help me to call the regional manager. So I talked to the store and they were rude and said they wont do anything they gave me the number to the group manager who I called a few times and left messages but never heard back from. Then this morning I call the store again to get another number. I talked to the regional manager and she said the money was refunded on Friday. Why would the store tell me no then go ahead and do it? I am glad it is taken care of but how stupid was it to fight with me on the phone and insist nothing can be done then do what I want anyways. I love getting my way! I think it is bull shit they tried to take advantage of us like that. I am sick of people being rude. When I worked and even now when I am on the phone with someone I am nothing but nice. I don't see how rude people get jobs, so many people are looking for work, companies should hire nice people. Being a military wife between deployments, moves, and just day to day life I have to make alot of phone calls. Changing our address with everyone was alot easier then I thought it would be but at the same time people are slow. For example we moved from Las Vegas NV to Glenburn ND so I changed our address with all the companies. Then three months later we moved on base so I called again. One lady said "you just moved not to long ago" I said "I know, my husband is in the military and we are moving on base" she then said "why would you move then move again all in a matter on months?" I repeated what I said. She said "I still don't understand let me transfer you to someone who can help." Really lady? All I wanted to do was change our address I was not aware we could only change our address once. Not to talk crap but when we got to ND it was so much worse. It got to the point I had to immediately talk to a supervisor when I called places because people were rude or did not understand. I am sorry if I have a question that I need answered. It is fine that you don't know what the answer is but how about you do your job and find out or get someone who knows!

Ok well that is enough venting! Shadow and Spooky are running around the house and Darin is on his way home. We should be heading to the movies sometime today, not sure what we are going to see yet. Oh crap I forgot we have to go to the post office to mail boxes to his mom and sister. I hope i remember when it comes time to leave. I better put a reminder in my phone! Thanks for reading!

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